Thursday, 3 July 2008


Thanks to everyone who came to the Little Black Hat workshop at the Fashion and Textile museum in Bermondsey on Saturday. As ever, I was thrilled to see the great little hats that everyone made in only three hours. We had a cute burlesque number in black and red, and lots of people enjoyed learning the petersham pleating technique which, once mastered, is a really lovely way to trim hats or clothes(look at the 'deco inspired hat' on my blog to see the technique) Well done everyone!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A model display

If you find an old dress-maker's dummy - try using it as a pinboard - it makes a great display and mood board.

£15 chair - why spend more?

Too beautiful to throw rubbish in....

How can you throw waste-paper into Paris? Worcestershire ware bin for £15 at Brighton market

Bargains to beat the credit crunch

As the credit-crunch bites - it's good to know that my passion for searching markets and second-hand shops is paying off! I thought  you'd like to see some of my latest bargains - and help you recognise that you can still furnish your flat/house on a shoe-string. Take these two tables for instance - £2 each from Greenwich Market - and don't you think the kitsch '70's food illustrations are a scream?!

I simply have to spread the word..

About a fantastic woman I met at the opening of the Train Cafe in Deptford. Tara is Paris-based and as well as working in PR, runs her own Vintage Clothing company -  Ooh La La Vintage. She sources unique one-off pieces from her Paris perch, but also runs a design/making service which reproduces vintage clothes in modern fabrics. Such a great idea. Tara has recently started organising fabulous weekends in the French capital where over cocktails you can dress-up in her vintage collection whilst she offers style advice(you can buy if you want to as well). You can take a tour round the sights in a Vintage Citroen, and she'll even show you some of her secret sourcing addresses. I can't think of ANYTHING more fun!!!  Find out more at

And of course....

that led to a deco-inspired hat....!

My Fantasy Bathroom

A recent visit from Katharina, my friend from Berlin saw both of us heading for a picnic and a stroll around Eltham Palace. The gardens are delightful, and a tour around the Art Deco house provides lots of inspiration. I was on the point of running myself a hot bath, and ringing the bell for the butler to bring me up a gin and tonic to sip whilst I prepared for dinner.....!


I was recently at the opening of a new cafe in Deptford. It's a converted train carriage and ties in to all those childhood memories of wanting to create a home somewhere unusual. My fantasy childhood homes included tree-houses, train carriages, gypsy caravans, little isolated cottages, tents - nothing remarkable about that - lots of children I'm sure have the same yearning to have a place of their own. But the Train Cafe ties in the adult reality with the childhood desire - and that's to be applauded. They've done a great job - giving the carriage a makeover to create a great space for coffee, eats and hopefully in the future, workshops.