Thursday, 20 March 2008


Rainy days are fabulous - where you're in the mood. There's nothing better than sitting here in the cosy cinema cafe bar with "be-me-ab-a-dah-do" music in the air, and the rain falling darkly outside. Someone's talking about spaghetti hoops, I'm thinking about whether you can blog in heaven. Wouldn't be great if there was a Godspot as well as a Blogspot - just to be able to log on and say what you're thinking. Communicating directly between here and there with nothing in between except air. 

Anyway - enough of this. Let me introduce myself. I live in London, for the time being. I've lived in other places too, but I'll tell you about that another time. My part of London is called Deptford. It's a bit rough and ready, but also still has a vibrancy that's missing in places which have been over-developed and "gentrified" as they call it here. 

I can still go down to Deptford market and buy a big bag of cashew nuts or a bowl of oranges for £1. Stalls sell clothes of dubious origin, but you can find the odd bargain if you search hard enough.  There's banter, bonhomie, and bolshiness. It's MULTICULTURAL - a word that's not much in favour these days, but MULTICULTURAL is something I love. If you continue down the street, you'll pass a great stand that sells Brazilian food, a stall selling mini deodrants..(great for popping in your bag to take to work), a rug man, who's rugs wouldn't look out of place in a penthouse appartment, and a guy who'll sell you a great pair of party shoes AND puts a piece of cardboard on the ground as your trying them on, so  your feet don't get dirty.

When you've had enough of the market, pop into The Bear Cafe for a great salad, and reasonable coffee....(I say reasonable because once I told them it didn't taste right and I got short shrift)...but generally its pretty good.  On certain days there's a flea-market, not quite Clingancourt, but hey, it's closer. I once got a great pink coat for a fiver that looked very expensive after dry-cleaning.

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