Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Most Amazing Hair!

If you want a fantastic fix of feel-good vintage, and can't afford to spend alot - please follow my advice and head to "Nina's Vintage and Retro Hair" in North London. It's just fantastic. I went in with a vague request for "victory rolls" and came away feeling like a 1940's starlet! Honestly, I have never had so many flattering comments as I had after visiting Nina's. Nina wasn't there but her assistant was charming and stylish - and 'got' what I wanted straight away. It was the most relaxing, fun and satisfying hairdressing experience I've ever had! The hair salon is based in the warren-like Alfie's Antique Market, and after my appointment at Nina's, I really enjoyed exploring all the antique and vintage stalls jammed full of desirable goodies. Much inspiration! I even treated myself to lunch in the roof-top coffee shop. In the evening I went to see the stage version of "Brief Encounter" at the Haymarket Theatre, which you absolutely MUST go and experience - and my new hair-do won me some much needed morale-boosting compliments.

By the way - I slept with my hair intact - and it was good to go for a second day. That's what I call value for money!


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Stevieb2008 said...

Dear Mary Jane,

You look fantastic and you have a great eye for style. Have you been back for another hair style again recently we need to see more pictures

Best Wishes