Saturday, 6 December 2008


OK - I've resisted so far - but now I'm adding my tips to all those others. Here are my top 10 for beating the credit crunch. Please feel free to send in your own!

JOIN THE LOCAL LIBRARY - no more paying for expensive books - they can usually order the title that you want if it's not on the shelves.
MAKE YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS GIFTS - this year I'm making candles in teacups, which will also come in useful when the lights go out!
SWAP HOLIDAYS - two months ago I swapped Italian language lessons in Rome for working as a gardener. Bargain holiday, new skill. Result.
POM POMS - cheap and cheerful way to brighten up your woollies.
ROAST CHICKEN - obviously not for vegetarians. Buy your chicken when the prices are reduced, roast it in the oven with a few herbs, potatoes, carrots and parsnips and it'll do for about 2 or 3 meals.
VEGGIE OPTION - onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, pumkin - salt, pepper, splash of oil - roast for 40 mins, eat with yoghurt and corriander. Tasty and under £2.
TAP WATER - we are lucky to have it. Let's drink it.
HOT WATER BOTTLES - Cosy and cheap - especially if you make a cover out of an old jumper! A purring cat can also help keep you warm and comforted.
MAGAZINE EXCHANGES - swap Vogue for Elle Deco, or Grazia for Living Etc. All the glossiness less expense.
GROW YOUR HAIR - make like Rapunzel and just let it go - no more expensive haircuts!

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