Saturday, 31 January 2009


You may not be a student of Middle English, but if you were, you might be familiar with the term "gimcrack". Formerly a noun, "gibecrake"
 denoted some kind of inlaid work in wood, later a fanciful notion or mechanical contrivance, hence a knickknack. Now the word has come to mean a cheap or showy object.  Why the language lesson? Well it's all because a new vintage shop called Gimcrack has opened in Deptford - and it's full of the quirky, quaint and kitsch. If you're looking for something unusual to make your place look personal, or you're after a great gift, this is the place to go. AND - the prices are good. The owners are set designers by trade, so they've got a great eye - it's the place Deptford's been missing. Pop in and see them! It's open on market days - Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday - 21 Tanners Hill.

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