Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Beauty Bar

I have been a little remiss with my blog since returning from New York. Life is what happens when you should be busy writing about it! But I do want to share one of my New York finds. By the way, I LOVED New York. A real buzz in the air, a can-do attitude, a feeling that success is guaranteed if you work hard, entrepreneurship, creativity. Exploring the Lower East Side late one evening, lots of small shops and bars doing good business. One girl sewing at her counter, refashioning clothes, chatting and laughing with customers at 10pm. A cigar lounge with a circle of chaps in armchairs passing a pleasant hour in a fug of smoke. A
Victorian Gothic bar lit by candles, and open to the street packed with young lively customers discussing their day. Greek food, health food, Chinese food, French food - every option within a few paces. One place I especially liked was The Beauty Bar.
It's a converted 1950's Beauty Parlour, offering martini & manicure for $10. Just great fun and fantastic cocktails. I'd really suggest you go!

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