Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sex and the City


I was contemplating going on the "Sex and the City" tour in New York, as I'm a massive fan of the show, but by the time my week in the Big Apple was nearly up, I realised I'd done most of it anyway! The brownstones where Carrie sits contemplating life, MePa where Samantha lives and loves in the shadow of the former meat packing warehouses, the cute and taste-tastic Magnolia Bakery - cupcake heaven, Bleecker Street and associated Marc Jacobs boutiques (disappointingly the great second-hand biography bookshop on the corner is apparantly being turned into YET ANOTHER MJ store -  think about it Marc - wouldn't it be a more exciting retail concept to keep the bookshop somehow?) So I didn't have to fork out $40 after all - and could tuck into another cupcake guilt free...Carrie would approve! 

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