Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Roman barbers

I love a place where you can still buy an honest-to-goodness knitted or crocheted know, the sort of satin-trimmed thing you wear(or could wear) when you're propped up in bed reading! Rome is such place. There are lots of outlets specialising in nightwear. You can still go into a Roman shop today and confidently buy a matching set of nightie, dressing gown, bed-jacket and slippers...tissue-wrapped of course. No-one will think you've stepped out of another era. You can do this in the UK too I know, but only in very posh places. In Rome, this type of boutique is still on every high street. I had a crocheted bed-jacket when I was little, pale blue with a pom-pom draw-string at the neck, like a little cape. I find it strangely reassuring to know that bed-jackets are still out there. Maybe that's how men feel about traditional barbers this one I spotted down the road from the place I've been staying on Via Nomentana. Isn't it beautiful? I almost wish I had a moustache to trim!

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