Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Rome's wireless internet

Here I am blogging in Piazza Navona! Of course it's typical that I only discovered Rome had got itself WI-FI on my last day living in the city. Various tourist hotspots have it, and it means that in fine weather you can happily chat, blog and e-mail to your friends all over the world. Of course you can also do it when the weather isn't so wonderful(as I'm demonstrating here!) I only discovered that Rome had this facility when I was up at the Villa Borghese and saw a signpost pointing me in the direction of the WI-FI area. The blurb is available at www.romawireless.com. It says you are entitled to one free hour per day, and that there is a password to log on. However, when I tried in Piazza Navona, no password was required. Either the rules have changed or I was surfing on someone elses space. I love the fact that you can log-on in these places. I did get some funny looks though.  Some people thought I was a kind of techno-tramp and ran a mile when I asked them to take my photo. One kind person obliged though.

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