Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Surely God has got bigger things on his mind?

It's a serious business visiting St Peter's in Rome these days. To get in you have to follow a maze-like route through numerous barriers...a test of faith perhaps? Then you have to go through airport-style security. I can just about understand the need for this sort of  vigilance in this day and age...although?....anyway, that's a subject for someone else.  However, the obsession with what people are wearing seems in contrast, ridiculously outdated. DO WE REALLY CARE IF SOMEONE'S GOT BARE SHOULDERS OR IS SHOWING OFF IN A SHORT SKIRT? MORE TO THE POINT - DOES GOD? Honestly, you'd think we'd have moved on from this pointless policing. Get over it. I'm writing this in pink and I'm wearing shorts. OK?

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